Git defender error when creating a project

My organization requires me to run git defender for committing changes into our GitHub organization. Even after running this command, I am unable to create a new project from Node-RED. Here are the steps I am following. Can you please advise what am I missing?

  1. Create a new repository in GitHub.
  2. Clone the repository on my laptop.
  3. Run git defender in the folder.
  4. Launch Node-RED with node-red.
  5. Follow prompts to create a new project.

The following error happens.

An unexpected error occurred:

Code Defender: Repository has not been setup with git defender Run git defender --setup 

That error seems pretty clear to me. Have you don't what it says?

Yes, I have don't what it says.

OK, so in that case, I would say that you need to speak to your defender administrators as I suspect that your repo needs to be added to an allow list.

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