Goto local ip address and open page

is there a way i can redirect to a local ip address for example and open the page for viewing from node red. the address displays my external camera.

I am sure there is a way but not sure which command to use.

i do not want to display the image in node-red just open a separate window at that ip address.

Do you mean a hyperlink that opens ? on the dashboard?

Can you explain further what you are trying to achieve?

Perhaps include a screenshot with annotations if you are struggling to explain?

hi @Steve-Mcl ,

I use uibuilder and want to include a switch that does exactly that, opens to allow a quick view of the outside camera ,
and thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:
is it also possible from within node-red as well ?

what is a "switch"? Do you mean a button <button ... /> or a hyperlink <a ... />?

A hyperlink is as simple as adding <a href="" target="_blank">my camera</a> in your HTML (not really a node-red question, more a general HTML question TBH) - unless i am still misunderstanding your question?

You mean in the node-red editor? Not really no. (though you could hack the src)

hi @Steve-Mcl
yes can see how do do the hyperlink in uibuilder now but as you say not in the editor, was just asking in case i was missing the obvious thanks for your time.

uibuilder already includes a link to the defined page. Open the settings panel in the Editor and the link is right there.

But otherwise, the editor is not a Dashboard. Instead create a simple root page somewhere and use it as a menu. You can also use uibuilder's details link which shows all of the uibuilder url's you've defined along with a load of other details.

Hmm, would an index node be useful? Something that returns a list of defined Node-RED endpoints?

thanks for that @TotallyInformation , i know i would find it useful :wink:

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