GPIO Node and Inject Node

Hi guys,
I'm going crazy. I developed a pool control two years ago.
Now I habe two problems.
Problem 1:
The gpio Node shows in the debug window an 1.

In debug window it looks like this:

The led node is configured like that:

Now I have a 1 from the gpio node but the LED shows red!!
By the way the led shows the flow of the water while the pump is running.

If I debug again, it could be, that the LED is blue???!!!

It seems, when the output briefly becomes 0 and again 1 the following nodes do not notice that?

Problem 2:

All Inject Nodes, which work in intervalls (between times) no longer work.
If I trigger them manually they work the whole day.
The current time is correct (now = new Date();
The node red is running on an raspberry pi 3+.

I don't know what to do anymore!!

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