Graph Database recommendation request

I was wondering if anyone had a graph DB that they would recommend if node-red will be the primary interface. I am looking for something that could run in a docker container and that has a node set for interfacing with it.

I think neo4j might be the right answer, but the node red options are somewhat outdated and seem to be no longer a priority for the developer. Unfortunately forking and maintaining myself would be beyond my capability.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I haven't used any of them but there are a number of hits in the flows library, so you could start by looking at those.

Before trying any particular one I would go to its github source page and check for open issues, that can tell you whether the node is maintained. The github page (if there is one) should be linked from the node's page in the library.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I did find one for neo4j that is only 5 months since last update and no major issues.

I am not necessarily wedded to neo4j, but the reminder to search there was a good one.