"Grouping nodes" - I'm not getting it

This is more me catching up with things and while looking for something else I saw this.

58 seconds in

I have 1.1.2

But I can't see how to create the group.

Sorry, but the video isn't showing me how this is done.
My take is that I just drag/select the nodes and that window opens. But it doesn't and I don't see how to get it to.

After selecting nodes, press Ctrl-Shift-G to create the group, or select the Create Group option in the main menu.



Indulge me: was that declared in the clip I mentioned?

Because if it is, I need my ears testing.
(I'm just wanting to be sure. I seem to be making a lot of mistakes just now.)


Yes, thanks Paul. But in the clip I posted (at the top) 58 seconds in you group select nodes and can colour then group, and so on.

The key presses seem to have not been mentioned - unless my ears are failing - and so I was stuck at that point.

Well you have two options;

  1. Use the key presses as per Nick
  2. Use the menu, as per my video

There are key presses for most of the node-RED commands, but yes, I get your point.

Use the menu, as per my video

(Ok, I'll bite....)

Which video?

and that key sequence didn't exist prior to 1.1.x

Click on the image 4 posts up.

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Oh! Sorry..... I really am not with it.

I just saw that as a picture.

Sincerest apologies.

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Andrew in times of uncertainty, you can always bring up the action list menu (ctrl+shift+p) and start typing. This can be a very quick way of doing many things in node red including group actions, disabling selected nodes, pretty much anything you can do from a menu or click action is in there + more.


Thanks. I really used to be a keyboard person - using key inputs - but alas slowly I am becoming a mouse person.

I shall have to sit down one day and look at all those key short cuts.

ctrl+shift+p is a good one to learn


But now I'm stumped on how you get the Search part open.

It can't be "search flows"....... So.....

Same as before. Ctrl+f

Ah! Ok. Just that usually Ctl f brings up the browser's "search on this page". This would seem then that NR is intercepting the keys and using its own search.

Speaking of ctrl-f is there a way from the keyboard to get to the browser search? I find that in discourse forums, the first time does a forum search, but a second gives you the browser search. In node red, I haven’t been able to find a way to do it. Both types do search can be useful, but I wish I didn’t,have go to browser menu with mouse when I need browser search.

Press F3 - works in chrome on windows.

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A Google search would almost certainly found that, but thanks for the quick reply.

In Firefox as well.

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