Have any of you ever found a BACnet Server Node?

Hello community,
I am looking for a BACnet Server Node.
At the moment I have only found nodes that work as BACnet clients.
My wish would be a node where you could specify the BACnet device ID and then have a pool of binary and analog inputs and outputs, which you could then assign accordingly. A BACnet client could then browse this BACnet server and read or write the corresponding BACnet objects (as with a DDC/PLC).
Have any of you ever found something like this?


It's a cool idea!! Would be a kind of connverter from "anything" to BACnet

Question is however who would be interested to spend time on developing such a node and for what usage?

BACnet is mostly (always??) used in industrial commercial solutions. When I was working for Siemens, BACnet was for sure something that was used in applications like building automation. The same for other companies like Johnson Controls, Schneider and many others. One of those should have both competence and financing available for such a development but I doubt they would see any interest, they focus on their own products supporting BACnet (and others)

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