"Hello! We have introduced 'projects''" popup

Just a minor niggle. I have enabled projects in the settings.js file but am not at the stage where I want to create a project yet. The "Hello! We have introduced 'projects' to Node-RED" popup window opens every time I open the instance, which is a little annoying.

If you aren't ready to create a project yet then why not disable it in the settings file until you are ready to do so?

The assumption is that if you have enabled projects then you want to use projects so it encourages you to do so.

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Fair enough Nick.


I have a slightly different use case that, i have built a custom docker image and set the projects feature as enabled in the custom dockerfile.

The rationale is, i want users of this docker image to be able to use projects feature if they want to, without dealing with the settings.js editing.

While the projects pop-up is a nice introduction, it feels like it should have been only shown once, or users should be able to check "do not show this again".

Given that the same screens are already reachable through the menu, i believe it is fair to ask this to be enabled on the settings, but optional to the gui user.

Thanks for considering,

As an additional information for anyone else interested in this topic, i understood that regardless of settings.js file, you can set the environment variable NODE_RED_ENABLE_PROJECTS to true or false and it will enable or disable projects feature.

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