HELP! Bootlooped my RPi with NR flow

Hey gang,
I was testing out a flow which would automatically reboot my RPi whenever the RAM usage was >75% and somehow I've got it stuck in a bootloop.
Can anyone suggest a way to get out of this, please?

I used an execute node with sudo reboot.

I'm guessing I'll need to pull the SD card and modify something, but I don't have another Linux machine to work on it.

Any help appreciated!

I think I got lucky. I kept trying and caught it at exactly the right moment and was able to disable the flow in the editor. Phew!!

To avoid this happening again, I've added a 5 minute delay to the output of the node.

Out of interest, how's my way of doing this?

var now = new Date();

if((msg.topic == "Memory") && (msg.payload  >= 75) && (now.getHours() >= 3) && (now.getHours() <= 9))
  msg.payload = 1;
  return msg;
return null;

There is nothing wrong with what you are doing. You could be a bit more verbose for readability.

const now = new Date();
const hh = now.getHours();

if (msg.topic == "Memory" && msg.payload >= 75 && hh >= 3 && hh <= 9) {
    msg.payload = 1;
    return msg;

return null;

Start node-red in safe mode node-red --safe

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