Help Configuring Node-RED for Implementing Telegram Chatbot

Hello everyone,

I'm seeking assistance in setting up Node-RED to implement a chatbot using Telegram. My goal is to learn more about chatbot development and how to integrate them with Node-RED to enhance its functionality.

I appreciate anyone who can access the link and help me configure the Telegram nodes in Node-RED as well as provide any guidance or additional resources that may facilitate my learning. I'm looking forward to collaborating with the community and improving my skills in this exciting field.

Thank you very much in advance!

Welcome to the forum.

Please never post the url of your unsecured node-RED server!!
You are opening up your system to the world, and you will be very quickly hacked.

I've edited your post and removed it.

Please read this guide about securing node-RED - Securing Node-RED : Node-RED and the numerous security posts in this forum

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First you need to go into telegram and create a bot using the Botfather.
That will give you a bot api token.
Then create a private group and add the bot to the group and give it admin rights.
Then go to<YourBOTToken>/getUpdates
To get the chatid of the private group.
You can then enter the bot api token and the chatid in the telegram nodes config.
You can see example telegram bot flows in node-red at
import > examples > node-red-contrib-telegramot