[help] How to restore the path of node-red

Hi guys,
I want to restore the command "node-red" to run Node Red.
It doesn't work now, because I have tried to use Sqlite and I have changed the path on Environment Variables (Window 7) to C:/sqlite and I don't remember the old path for Node Red.
Thank you for your help.
Van Doan!

I'm afraid that you have a much bigger problem than you think.

You have overwritten the PATH environment variable that potentially many applications rely on.

You can either restore to the last Windows restore point and then reinstall anything that looses. Or you can try to copy the path from the "System Variables" though it is possible that apps that have been installed only for the VanDoanLap user will still be missing entries.

Hi, thanh you very much for your information.
Have a nice day!