[HELP] Join Push>Node Server on RPI>windows?

First of all , I am newbe with noder-red (3~4 days), forgive me for silly questions and English is not my first language.

I would be grateful if someone help me with this questions.

  1. I'm using node-red in addition to join app (from tasker) and the dashboard. I created a dashboard to work as shortcuts to control my phone (turn on hotspot, put on silent, etc.).... To simplify, how can I change the dashboard switch state toggle on / off without having to reactivate the entire chain? i can only get it to work with "passthrough" checked (
    which makes it reactivate all the following nodes.
    That was a little difficult to explain, I hope u guys understand.
  2. I am initially using node-red running on a windows machine, but I am planning to run it on a raspberry pi. On the windows machine running node-red I can receive a message (from tasker join push) and execute exec node (to turnoff / reboot / send a command to connect my bluetooth headphones). So, I would like to know if its possible / how I would be able to receive and react to these commands on windows, with node-red running on another machine (RPI for example)


Do you mean that if you feed a message to the switch that it does not toggle the switch unless passthrough is set?
If that is what you mean then first put a debug node showing what you are sending to the switch node, it must exactly match the values for on and off specified in the switch config. If you cannot see the problem show us the debug output and the switch config.

For question 2 you could run node-red on both pi and windows machine and use MQTT to communicate between them to tell the windows machine what to do.

Its more like: Send a message to the switch to only change his state on dashboard (on and off ui) and dont passthrough this message.

Hmm, dont know anything about MQTT, but i will learn about it.
So i will have 2 node-red servers running one on each machine (different node-red servers/ip) and integrate both of them with MQTT, right? cool!

Thank u so much!!

This will tell you most of what you need to know about mqtt, mosquitto is generally considered the easiest broker to use and can be installed on a pi simply by installing it using apt. You won't need to install it on the Windows machine as node-red there will access the broker on the pi via the built in mqtt nodes.

In that case don't select passthrough. The switch should still be changed by the message.

Ow, Thank u !!! for both of my questions!!

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