Help me test the beta version of the theme-collection

I just published a beta version of the theme-collection. It is compatible with Node-RED 3.0.
I would appreciate it if you guys could test it and give me some feedback.

npm install @node-red-contrib-themes/theme-collection@next

I can't find anything about this theme collection at,
After installing it I can't see any difference in the editor menu options.

Can you explain a little what it is and how it works?
(I guess from your previous posts that it relates to themes for configuring the editor, a topic that interests me).

You're right, it's a collection of themes for the Node-RED editor.

The installation and configuration process is described in the GitHub repo of the project (link below).

The only difference is that for the beta version you have to add @next at the end of the npm install command line.

It's not listed there because they only list packages that add nodes to Node-RED.

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