Help publishing a flow

I'm having an issue publishing a new flow. When I click on the the "create flow" button I get a spinning wheel icon for 2 seconds or so and then no other feedback. The flow doesn't publish to my gist or appear in the list of flows on

I tried two different browsers (Chrome and IE) and the behavior is the same.

I can update a previously published flow and have those changes propagate through to

Any help appreciated.

This is a cross post from Slack.


Hi @ampherion - not sure why its failing and I'm afraid I don't have time at the moment to investigate.

@knolleary understood. I'll keep plugging a way at it. I do have a bit of progress to report. After trying different things including a new git account, the issue appears to be something with the flow itself. It's a big flow and I'm wondering if there are size limits on publishing flows?

Success! I was able to publish the flow by using a placeholder for the flow, then updating the gist repository with the actual flow (2990 lines!), and finally refreshing.

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