Help to find how this message is being made

For reasons I am not sure I am trying to get back into an old project as a distraction on train signals.

It doesn't work. (Shame. It used to.)
This is all because a while back I lost EVERYTHING and had to reconstruct it from what I shared.

So anyway, I see this message:


clientX, clientY.... bbox.....

I don't remember using them. Yes, I know I use vague names sometimes, but these take the cake.

In all seriousness: How can I find who (or what) is making this message?

Searching event yields squillions of matches as there are a lot of flows on the machine.

Searches aren't case sensitive, but when I search bbox I get no matches from the search.

Does search search sub-flows?
I have the sub-flow open.

Is this because I have use angular theme in ui_template in the dashboard site tab?
Because it only seems to happen when I press a button. If I send the message with an inject node it isn't there.

Did you consider adding a debug node after one of your dashboard button nodes to see if the properties were there? If you had you would have seen those properties are being set by the ui_button node.

It didn't occur to me to do that as when I looked at the button node, all I saw was it sending was Xwhen pressed.

Sorry I (maybe) cried wolf. I am trying to restore a big flow I lost a long time ago and when it isn't working - when it used to - I started to look at the messages and these extraneous stuff got me a bit worried.

Thanks again.

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