Help with documenting stuff I am learning - styles in word processor


I have found this program:
Bluefish editor.

It seems to do what I want.

(Post left in case anyone else ever has this question)

When I am writing code here, it is automagically formatted and key words are one colour, and all that fancy stuff happens.

Copying it to some external editors, they also can handle the structure of the language.

I have (am) learning about CSS and decided to print some stuff. Why?
My writing skill is not the best, and highlighting the syntax would be a bit of a low return.

So I thought I may use a word processor. I know it is way beyond the scope of this forum, but I'm stuck between asking here and joining the work processor forum only to be told that it is not in their area of expertise either.

I'm using Libreoffice. Does anyone know if I can do something with it so it highlights the code as it does in Node-Red.

Just with that working, I can paste code in and then write comments as well and it is all in one document.

Sorry it is so off topic.

Your other one is Notepad++ for code formatting etc - it has many addons etc that offer support for additional formatting and markup languages


I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions, including VS Code and Atom. I can't give you pros and cons, since I don't do Windows, but I have always found it helpful to use a code editor for most of my note taking and text editing. (BBEdit on macOS for almost 20 years.)

Thanks both for the replies.

I'm using Ubuntu......

This bluefisheditor seems to be doing what I need.

If it works for you - great.

Personally, I use VSCode for programming and as such it has syntax highlighting etc for writing documentation.

But, you can also do the following...

  • Write code & auto format it into beautiful layout
  • Get code completion on CSS and JS (i.e. can help you with spelling of attributes, property names and values, etc)
  • Can show you your errors in JSON
  • Can do things like multiple cursor for editing 2, 10, 1000 lines at once (huge time saver when you learn how to use it)
  • Can validate your HTML (like when you forget to put a closing tag)
  • Has many add-on for things like spelling in your code, themes for the whole experience and sooo much more.

The last benefit would be, if ever decide to develop you own node-red node, you would already be familiar with the editor.


I'll look at it if it is for Ubuntu.

Yeah. Its cross platform (so if you move to windows or Mac, you're still able to use it)

Ah! I have it installed. Need to look at it.

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