Help with Sqlite Select clause

This is my first time working with Sqlite.
I'm trying to test clauses and the SELECT clause to read just 3 columns give me Sintax error near FROM .
I've attached the flow.
SQLITE test.txt (4.0 KB)
Thank you very much for some help.

We don't need to see the flow, not yet anyway. Add a debug node showing the input to the SQL node, set it to show the complete message. Also add a debug node showing the output of the SQL node. Show us what they show.
For the future it is better to paste flows and data inline here.

I did what you asked me and this is the debug tab when I push a SELECT clause.

I'm not quite sure if this what you need..... then push on inject node with the SELECT for some db columns is showed on sqlite in.

1/5/2020, 12:10:37 PMnode: sqlite IN
SELECT currentdate,currenttime, hp, FROM hvac; : msg.payload : number

The output node at sqlite node does not appear on debug tab and the sqlite node debug tab is the following:

1/5/2020, 12:10:37 PMnode: Sqlite
msg : error
"Error: SQLITE_ERROR: near "FROM": syntax error"

i think it may be the comma after hp.

Yes men !!!! it does work.
You made my day !!!
Thank you so much. :grinning:

not sure how your table is set up, but do you want all rows as you can set a limit.

the comma means it was expecting another column name. Thats why it threw a syntax error. It gave a clue, as it said the FROM threw the error.