Hide entire menu


I want to hide entire menu. Is it possible?

I saw in the docs that I can hide menu options, but I can't find the file (editor/js/main.js:loadEditor) indicated in the wiki:

menu: { // Hide unwanted menu items by id. see editor/js/main.js:loadEditor for complete list
        "menu-item-import-library": false,
        "menu-item-export-library": false,
        "menu-item-keyboard-shortcuts": false,
        "menu-item-help": {
            label: "Alternative Help Link Text",
            url: "http://example.com"

Thanks in advance


there is no option to hide the entire menu. You'd have to either add some custom javascript to do it when the page loads, or custom CSS to explicitly hide it.


See editorTheme.page.scripts and editorTheme.page.css

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