Is there any functionality to remove menu and tabs?

Hello people,
I started studying Node-RED recently and creating nodes for an internal solution here at the company and we will need to integrate via iframe, but I would like the user to be able to use only our nodes. Would there be any configuration or way to remove the main menu so that it is not possible to add new nodes and not create new frames?

It is "just" a web interface so you should be able to override the CSS to hide those parts.

Thanks for answering. I'm going to try to find and make this adjustment directly in the CSS code.
I thought there might be something parameterizable in the settings file.

No problem. Have a look in the docs for some info on customising the Editor UI.

Where can I get the UI Editor documentation? I found only about the nodes. Thanks a lot for the help!

Configuration : Node-RED (

You can use your browser dev tools to work out the CSS selectors that you need to override.

I will do this. Thank you!

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