Highlighting nodes and groups from the info text box

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Ever since I began to document how Node-RED works, I have tried to find ways to explain how flows work. For that purpose, I implement wire, node and group highlighting over at FlowHub.org, for example: the orange links highlight stuff in the flow which I describe in the text.

All the documentation for the flows at FlowHub.org are done in Node-RED in the description text for the flow tab. This means the text is also shown in the info sidebar within Node-RED. What I have been thinking about is having the same highlighting in Node-RED and that is what I now have done with the server-less Node-RED:


My question is whether there is general interest in this concept? Obviously the way I did this (using css classes) is perhaps not the best method but if there is interest for this to become part of Node-RED, then a more general and integrated method could be discussed and defined.

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Kind of like a story sidebar. Tells the story of the flow?

If so, I like the idea.

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Exactly, purely for documentational purposes - similar to the Mermaid integration.

I am definitely not advocating for executional purposes such as double click starts the node or flow or anything like that.

In describing a flow, it makes a difference writing "the inject node called 'abc' does XYZ" or having a highlight and writing "the node does xyz" with the node being highlighted.

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