HIKVISION doorstation

Hi, I'm working on a domotic project and I have an HIKVISION door station DS-KV8213-WME1.
I need to manage the doorbell and the video stream, I'm using the node-red-contrib-hikvision-ultimate doorbell and picture nodes and I have problem with both.
Seems that Doorbell node connects but doesn't have any outputs when the button are pressed. Always waiting for events.
The Picture node is not able to retrieve any picture from the camera, the flow editor shows a red dot with "not found", even if in the Server configuration page it can get Device Infos.
The unit is just out of the box and configured for network parameters. IP address, username and password. No other HIKVISION devices in the network.
Are the door station modules supported? Can be work alone?

I think you will need to raise an issue on GitHub Issues · Supergiovane/node-red-contrib-hikvision-ultimate (github.com)

I note that the author seems to be responsive but that he doesn't appear to use one of their doorbells.

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