Home Assistant, integrate a Node red web page, is it possible?

Hello everyone.
From Home Assistant I can integrate a grafana web page. Indeed, there is a parameter in grafana.ini "allow_embedding to true" which allows integration into another site.
But is this possible with Nodered dashboard?
I searched in settings.js but found nothing.
Any idea how to enable integration, which by default is not allowed by browsers?

Here's a working integration with grafana:

Here's the integration with Nodered that doesn't work:

You can use a iframe in node-red to show a grafana page. I searched the node red flows site and found this. It is a few years old but should get you going.

Thank you Colin for helping me.
What I'm actually trying to do is integrate the NR dashboard into Home Assistant.
I can do it with Grafana, which allows integration via the parameter mentioned, but not with NR.
Is there a parameter in NR that would allow the NR web page to be integrated into Home Assistant (in a Web Card) as shown in the screenshots?

I'm not aware of Dashboard having any restrictions. Indeed, I thought Node-RED was already integrated to HA? Isn't Dashboard part of that?

You will need to look at what errors are being generated. Could be a CORS issue?

Yes, HA integrates NR in docker form managed by their manager.
In my case, my NR is installed in Debian in the standard way, without the help of HA.
So when I want to use the HA dashboard to integrate the NR dashboard, the browser doesn't agree because that's the default for security reasons. Because clearly seen from HA, NR is another website.

Otherwise I don't know what CORS means?

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) - HTTP | MDN (mozilla.org)

It is a web security measure.

If HA (which I don't use) allows you to embed iframe's normally, then I think it should work with Dashboard. As an experiment, you could also try using an http-in/-out pair or uibuilder and see if you can embed those pages.

Otherwise, you will need to check both the HA logs and your browser console for any errors.

Thanks for the information. I appreciate
I'm not a developer so it's not easy to understand all this. Here's what I can show with the FF console.
It shows that the site with port 1880 (NR) can't load and that the site with port 3000 (Grafana) loads (certainly thanks to the parameter mentioned at the beginning).

Test with NR Url

Test with Grafana Url

Here is the yaml code created to manage this card


OK, so here we have the reason:

Now you just need to know what is setting that http header.

I'm pretty sure that it isn't Node-RED. I just tested embedding the Dashboard into a uibuilder page with uibuilder on a different port to Dashboard and it worked fine.

So unless you've set that header somewhere in Node-RED's settings.js or you are running it behind a proxy, the setting must be in HA somewhere.

I'm just not sure why you can embed Grafana but not Dashboard.

You may need to ask these questions on the HA forum.

Are HA, node red and grafana running on three different machines?
Are node red and or grafana running in Docker containers?

I've modified the settings.js file, but really not for this purpose. It's beyond my skills.
In this case, I'm not behind a proxy. I'm on the same Lan and network

I'm just not sure why you can embed Grafana but not Dashboard.

Me too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You may need to ask these questions on the HA forum.

I once asked a question on the English forum and never got an answer. There must be far too many questions. Mine went unnoticed

Merci encore pour l'aide en tout cas.

In this case, HA supervised (.deb) is on an Ip:188 machine (Raspberry debian 12).
So the machine that calls the links to the other machine where NR + Grafana are located
NR runs in full install with the script on machine Ip:163 and Grafana V10 in full install.
No docker in this case.

I'll be looking in other directions.
I put everything on the same machine via HACS docker integrations.
I'll see what happens.

Merci beaucoup Colin pour l'aide apportée.

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