Home Assistant & Victron

Hi I have Node Red on my Victron multi plus and integrated in Home Assistant both on the same network is it possible to access the Victron control nodes in the Home assistant instance to use Home Assistant devices in a Victron flow ?



This is better answered by the HA community - most here do not use HA.

Ok let’s try this. I have two node red instances on the same network is it possible to combine them in one place to have nodes from both working in the same flow ?



A Node will only be available to the Node RED instance it is created, and is not seen by other Node RED instances.

You can however, create a communication medium between 2 Node RED instances (TCP, MQTT, Web Scoket etc)

But they will not know about Nodes from each other - you will have to orchestrate any message routing yourself.

Ok thanks it’s never as simple as you think is it :+1:

Perhaps you could draw us a diagram of the topography of the various elements. I'm at a loss to know where each part of your configuration is located.