How can I access an external MQTT service through a corporate proxy?

Hi, I am a new member here. I am facing difficulties to connect to a public mqtt broker such as hivemq behind a corporate proxy. I have already set up the npm config proxy, https-proxy and http-proxy to my corporate proxy and this already allows me to install Node-Red palettes. However when I created a simple mqtt publish and subscribe to, Node-Red was unable to connect to the broker. I was wondering, if you can help me with my situation. Hope to get your feedback. Thanks!

Hi Ahmad, welcome to the forum. As this is a new question, I am going to move this post (assuming I can remember how :slight_smile:). Then I'll also add some thoughts. OK, I can't work out how. I thought I knew. Never mind. Found it.

You will need to check with your IT department.

Several things could be happening. Firstly, your corporate proxy might require authentication. Secondly, your corporate firewall might not allow access through port 1883.

You may even find that your organisation won't wish to allow you access because it may be a security or data loss risk.

So check with IT.

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Hi, thanks for your reply!

My company did provide the http proxy to work with. I was unable to install any nodes in node-red palette manager before applying my company http proxy via npm config proxy.

So my situation now, I want to figure out how can I connect to an external mqtt broker such as hivemq through Node-Red from the mqtt subscribe and publish behind a corporate proxy. I wonder if anyone faced the same situation

What port and protocol (WS or mqtt) are you going to connect to?

Have you asked the guys who set up your proxy if that port and protocol are permitted & setup on the proxy / firewall?

Just because they opened port 80 and permitted you to download additional nodes doesn't mean you have access to other external resources.

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