How connect MQTT on VPS to node-red

Dear all
i have problem. I build mqtt broker on my VPS, now, i want to connect mqqt broker with node-red.
I try with ip of VPS and port 1883. but not connect.
Please help me. Thank all

Hi Power,
Have you confirmed the following steps:

  1. It can connect to mqtt through a client running on the same VPS
  2. The firewall allows port 1883 through for outside traffic
  3. You can connect to the mqtt broker on the VPS through a client like MQTT Explorer or similar, from a remote location

If any of those 3 steps fail, you've an issue to resolve between the broker and your VPS/networking. If these don't fail, it might be in the configuration setup. See if you can report back on those 3 steps first. I recently set up Mosquitto on a cloud server, and realised a bit too late that my connection issues were caused by not allowing access to the port beyond the own network.

thank you answer.

  1. I can sub and pub on localhost with mqtt on vps use with ssh
  2. i think, i can't open

You have document for me, thanks

We have no idea on what VPS you are using - but would almost guarantee that it will have a firewall enabled - you will need to enable port 1883 through the firewall. I would also suggest you lock the firewall down to only allow 1883 from your remote IP address - otherwise you will very quickly find you broker under attack from outside


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wow wow wow.
what''s happen ?. I ''m reinstall soft of VPS
when i build mqtt broker on VPS. i dont attack open 1883 port. i can't connect it with node-red on my latop. but. i can controller lamp with mqtt broker on my VPS with soft on smart phone. yesterday i dont do it so i don''t know mqtt on VPS had active. Why ?.
why i can not connect node-red with mqtt broker on VPS. but i can connect node-red with mqtt broker on raspberry. OMG !

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