How can I change the color of a button without changing the output?

I'm trying to implement a webradio with a Raspberry Pi, node-red and MPC, that can be controlled with a LIRC IR window control.
The station selection should indicate the current station in color.
I have found an example with led display.

My modification changes the color of the button, but the station changes shortly and then only station 1 is played.
flows(1).json (17.3 KB)

I was looking for an example here where buttos change color without changing the output. None of them I understood for my application.
It would be nice if someone could help me.

I don't know if you have seen this topic, but it would seem to provide a good starting point for your problem.


If you have older dashboard, this may be labelled differently (like pass through msg)

Only in station 1 I find:

after removal my little internet radio runs perfectly.
Thanks for the help

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