How can i test azure connection?

I want to test if i have a connection to azure. how can i do that ?

What kind of connection and what for?

im outputting sensor data to azure using the standard azure iot hub node. i need to test if i have connection to the database, if not add the data that was supposed to go to azure to a storage file. so i dont lose any data

Are you writing to SQL SERVER?

Node-red-contrib-mssql-plus works with Azure SQL server.

their isnt a way using the azure iot hub node ? i tried using the message ouput the azure node provides "message sendt" every time it sends a data element. But i wont send a message if it doesent have a connection. it just gives an error and restarts the flow. so i cant really work with that

I believe the Azure IoT service supports MQTT? Not sure though as I've never used it.

Raise an issue on the repo so that the author has a chance to get it fixed for you and the rest of the community.

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