How can I update Node-Red Application in an offline Environment?

I would like to update node-red in an offline environment. Node-red is running on a hyper-v ubuntu machine.
node.js version is v14.18.0 and node-red version is 2.0.6. I would like to update node-red to version 3.0.2.
I can download the latest release from github (node-red). But how can I manually update node-red?

You can simply copy across the appropriate folder as long as the host and the guest OS are of the same platform type. To do this with a "standard" install of node-red (e.g. global install), you need to first track down the installation folder. whereis node-red may do that for you (from a PowerShell terminal).

It is easier (in my opinion), to install node-red locally so that everything is in a location specified by you. I created a quick and dirty tool for doing that TotallyInformation/alternate-node-red-installer: An alternative installer for Node-RED. Avoids global installs, no admin rights required. (

If using that, then both node-red itself and its userDir folder sit together and you can install/updated on even another device then copy everything over as long as the two OS's are similar.

Thank you, for your solution!
In my case, node-red is "normal" installed.

WHEREIS NODE-RED -> /usr/local/bin/node-red

Does that mean, that I have to set up a OS with same platform type and install "normal" the newest version of node-red. After that, i can copy/paste the node-red folders and override it on my offline target system. If so, then this will be my solution :slight_smile:


That is one way to do it. Alternatively, ditch the "normal" install and do a local install instead so that you have the location in a path of your choosing.

If doing global installs, you need to have sudo access to both OS instances of course.

Hi thanks, yes you're right, i need sudo access on both OS instances if i doing a global install.

Maybe it's better with your offline installer, but it's not so easy to make a clean deinstallation/ditch, isn't it?

It is actually much easier. Since you can simply delete the containing folder and everything is gone.