How do I NOT return a payload from an output on a funtion node?

G'day ye of more grey than I,

I have run into a problem, yet again, that is a little past my knowledge...

I have a 3 output function node with the following return line:

It is doing exactly what it says - Output 1 returns null .... I actually need output one to return 'nothing', no value, no payload, no nothing, nada, while the other outputs carry on with their little tasks...

Any hints?


Could you try:



from the docs...

If the function returns null , then no message is passed on and the flow ends.

@bakman2 @Steve-Mcl

For me this is part of being an old fart with the memory span of a flea....

Just flipping from one tab to another caused me to magically insert the payload: bit in front of the null.... Sorry for the stupid question whose answer I have been staring at intently for an hour or two.... (I guess we all know tha DNA stands for "National Dyslexic's Association")

Many thanks guys for the help!!

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