How do I restore the Flows?

I am a novice at this. I found my Mac had rebooted and I got all my dashboards back but lost my Flows. All Flow Tabs are there but only parts of flows are present.
In the past 30minutes I tried a reload of the page and that brought back some of the nodes in some of the Tabs but they are not connected. Is there a better way that you guys may know of to accomplish a complete recovery?
Another interesting observation. I happen to notice that I have been busy building Flows. I created 34 Flows in 34 Tabs. When the Mac rebooted the recovery of the Flows left me with 15 Flow tabs visible nodes but disconnected and the others do not show any nodes. Just the tab I originally setup. Is there a limit to the amount of Flows?

Do you hve time machine running? If so open a finder window, go to your user folder and then use the GO tab at the top of the screen and select Go to folder... and enter .node-red

That should put in the .node-red folder where you should see two folders like


using your user name. Duplicate them before doing anything else.

Now open Time machine and go back to before the Mac crashed and recover those two files. Then exit Time machine and start NR and see if that worked.

Thank you zenofmud. This is great!

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