How do i set a default tab/page to always be the first one after a deploy?



It seems that everytime i do a new flow and create a new Tab and then deploy - that becomes my new page that opens first in the Dashboard. Is there a way to make sure a certain page/Tab is always the default - i have moved it to the top of the list (which i logically thought would do it) but does not seem to




I think that the default is that it is always the first tab that appears if you reload the admin ui page. The only time this might not be the case is if you always open the site with a bookmark that points to a different tab.



Sorry i am not understanding that - if i open the admin ui i get the flows which always seems to have FLow 1 as the focus - but it seems quite random which is the default page that comes up after a deploy when i go to the dashboard.

I played around with this yesterday and it appears that it might actually be last tab (down the bottom) in the dashboard list that is displayed by default - will play some more today and confirm.



Sorry, realise that you meant the Dashboard tabs not the admin ui tabs. Confusing terminology.

I would have expected the first Dashboard tab to be the default as well. Again, I think that the URL can override this. Certainly shouldn't be random. You can also configure what tab is showing from Node-RED.

I think you may need to share your flow. Please also indicate what versions of Node-RED, Node.js and what platform you are using.



You can sort it through the Layout --> Tabs & Links tab by dragging the group in the order you want them to appear.

Hope this helps.



I am on the latest Node-red (updated 2 days ago to 19.2) I am on a Ubuntu 18.04 LTS VM. I have node 6.14.3

Will do more testing - and advise