How do you make this kind of "dashboard"


I found a good link and though I have asked, I have not seen a reply.

This dashboard is amazing.

I know it is getting back to my other question about pictures and dashboards.
Sorry, I am a bit ....... flippant/disorganised today.

I can't quite (yet) understand how it all comes together with the "groups" and all that in NR.



Trying to learn,

Doing this kind of dashboard is somehow quite advanced and beyond my skills, so I can only recommend a couple of links.

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I am trying to get help from Peter’s site, but with little result. :frowning:
I’ll look at the other link too.

8 hours on computer sitting down. Shoulders are starting to kill me.

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The difficult part is the LCD the rest are text and buttons and a template with a led. as Andrei told ya check scargill as he did this LCD


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Thanks both of you.

Do you think that 18 windows (of the browser) and 447 tabs is a bit overwhelming?

Granted they are not ALL to do with what is happening NOW, but are things that are “work in progress”.

Those links look good. (I’ve just got up recently today so not fully up to speed yet)

Looks like I will be busy for the next few hours.