How do your flows interact with user or cause phone alarm in the night?

I have some flows that can be trigged via Telegram Bot commands.
The problem is that if I wish an alarm, let's say a water sensor, - then Telegram is quiet at night, I see no option to force an alert sound.

How can I solve it?
I am also open to integrating it with google Assistant, but I am afraid that won't solve the alarm issue.

Is the reason that you have told your phone to be silent during the night? avoid notification sounds from apps and mail.
Android does provide API for alarms, that are not silenced during the period. I thought something could use it when instructed to. (so that certain notifications were sent with higher priority)

OK, so perhaps this would need an app on the phone that can generate the alarm. I don't know if there is one.

I don't know Android super well but I set up Home Assistant and Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi to send critical alerts to my iOS devices that have the Home Assistant app installed. Which allows for a persistent banner notification and includes audio alerts even when silenced. My reasoning was similar as I was working on an automated indoor gardening project that involved a water reservoir and pump. I wanted a foolproof method of receiving alerts/notifications that doesn't require additional non-locally hosted services.

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If you push your alerts using Pushover, it has different alert levels, and level 1 bypasses the phones quiet hours.

This Pushover thing looks nice. And for a $5 one-time payment it get's really intersting.
Currently I use Signal for all communication between Node-red and Mobile devices, but it is like @AndKe said; quiet in the night.

Which contrib node would you recommend for a test?

I use node-red-node-pushover which is pretty good.

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@HaroldPetersInskipp Home assistant is interesting - which Nodered node are you using for it?
@Paul-Reed - Pushover is absolutely a nice option too , I'll start with that - I see some use for the option to change sound and attachments too.

@AndKe I'm using node-red-contrib-home-assistant-websocket version 0.49.1

I run my HA server on a Pi 4 as Home Assistant Core: Manual installation using Python virtual environment, but I would recommend one of the more traditional install methods.

This solution lets me get notifications regardless of if I am on my home network with my Mobile device or not. I can get banner and audio alerts that are very customizable with zero additional subscription services and this keeps my information safe and locally managed.


Thank you both! I am using Pushover now, and will try Home Assistant later