How I do place Deploy button present?


Can you please help me out?

How do I place Deploy button of header just beside (+) icon or just beside info Tab.

Please find screenshot below:

I don't think that is possible without major changes to the core code (which would be overwritten whenever you updated).

What is the reason for wanting this change?

@Paul-Reed I tried to figure out,but I couldn't get the code where exactly the deploy button code is placed.Can you please let me know where the code for "button deploy" is present (header code file?)

I mean to say where Can I find the deploy button in the code base?

The Deploy button is setup here: node-red/deploy.js at master · node-red/node-red · GitHub

Thanks a bunch @knolleary

Thank you

I was able to create a another tab but not a button as attached in screenshot
I'm trying to place deploy button just beside (+) icon,but was not able to achieve it

Please find the screenshots of code made in tabs.js file

Can you please let me know,how do I implement it ?

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