How to add a remote control to nodered


Not sure what am I doing wrong. This should be pretty straightforward but I'm blocked for two days now...

I have IoTStack on a RPI4 with zigbee2MQTT --> MQTT --> NodeRed working fine.
I can confirm this because I'm able to get information from several zigbee sensors such as PIR and temperature and then putting it to influxdb and even see it in grafana. I can also toggle a zigbee power socket, but pushing an inject node in nodered.

Now I'd like to use zigbee remotes to interact with my setup. I've been trying with two remotes, but the results are the same for both (tradfi remote from IKEA and ZBT remote from MLI)

For each of these remotes I've added a zigbee2mqtt "in" node with the corresponding device address (friendly name) and "complete payload" option. These nodes are directly connected to a debug node. What I'd be expecting to see would be some payload in the debug node whenever I press any button on any of the remotes.

Since this didn't work I also tried, for each remote, a MQTT "in" node with the correct topic

zigbee2mqtt/0x588e81fffe580abc/# (this is the example for the tradfri)

The nodes show "connected" state but again, whenever I press any button in any of the remotes I'd be expecting to see something in the debug window and nothing appears. Sometimes (not always) when I re-deploy the configuration I receive some messages from the tradfri remote, so I guess the flow must be working somehow, but not when I press the buttons...

In Zigbee2MqttAssistant the devices are present and can be seen in the map, connected directly to the coordinator.

In other words: In order to see some payload in the debug node when pushing any button on the remotes, what configuration would I need in nodered?

[EDIT] --> meanwhile with further troubleshooting I realized that is unlikely a nodered issue. Publishing a MQTT message manually makes all the way towards to nodered debug node, so the problem must be between the device and mqtt and not between mqtt and nodered, althought I have no idea what could be wrong...


You could check that by installing MQTT Explorer, which is an invaluable tool for monitoring MQTT. Then you can see exactly what topics are being published.

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