How to add icon and description in custom node

Hello Everyone!
I am trying to add some description about the node and it's inputs as well as add Icon for the respective inputs of the custom node. Can anyone tell me if it is possible? Any reference link or help would be great! I am adding some images for your reference. Thank you!

You can use the Description and Appearance tabs of the edit dialog to set those things: Nodes : Node-RED

Thanks for your reply! I was wondering if there is any way to add the icon for the inputs such as command, value etc as in the picture?

You can use FontAwsome 4.7 icons


    <div class="form-row">
        <label for="node-input-command"><i class="fa fa-cog"></i> Command</label>
        <input type="text" id="node-input-command" style="width: calc(100% - 130px)" placeholder="command to run">

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