How to add new sensor in node-red

Hi, I am a newbie here. I have worked with node-red that has already installed sensors or I got npm install files from the internet.

But now I want to work with this temp and hum sensor and send its data to google sheet using node-red.
But, how can I add this sensor in node-red?

Any leads will be a great help.

Thanx in advance.

How do you read the data coming from the sensor ?

Its an I2c device so you could use to get data from it.

Unfortunately, this is going to require a bit of prodding and poking to get it working

This should give an idea of commands needed and format of received messages

PS You can proably get the module in a cheaper configuration

Hi Adam, I’m a bit late to the conversation. Have you followed NCD’s own Node-RED tutorial for connecting these sensors to Node-RED yet? For connecting it to a google spreadsheet there’s countless of questions on this forum, a search should find you a solution that works. But start with NCD’s tutorial, it gives you the basics.

I just published a first version of a node for the SHT31...

SHT31 Contrib Module

it's barely tested, but it works for my custom setup... any feedback welcome...

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