How to check if my OPC Server is running/online

Hi Guys, first of all thank you for being so active here. You already helped me a lot!
But now I haven't found a solution for a question the first time.

My Problem is, that I want to check if my OPC Server (ip looks something like this opc.tcp://12.345.678.90:4840/) is running/online.
If I use the Ping Node I don't get a payload...

So it's not about the device the server is running on, but if I am accessing data from it right now. I don't know why but often even if the server is still running, I can't access the data from it.
and in this case I wan't the server to be shown as if it wasn't running.

Has someone an Idea how I can check the status? Or maybe even knows the issue behind the OPC Client node showing that my sever isnt' running?

THANK YOU for your help already and sorry if I describe things weird... I am neither an native speaker nor have I experience in Node-Red :frowning:

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