How to configure custom map provider in worldmap node (node-red-contrib-web-worldmap)?

Hello, I need to connect Mapbox satellite map to worldmap node.
I know that MapBox3D is one of the base maps, so I'm assuming satellite map also can be connected, but I didn't find anything in the documentation

Do you have a pointer to that map server ? The docs do show how to add new base layers - GitHub - dceejay/RedMap: A web map app for Node-RED to put blobs on

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Yeah, thank you, that was my mistake I didn't check github page.

This is how I solved the problem - video that shows how to get tile vector url ( put that url into map url field in worldmap node) Using Mapbox styles in Leaflet - YouTube

And I put this into map options field:

{ "attribution": "Map data © <a href="\">OpenStreetMap contributors, <a href="\">CC-BY-SA, Imagery © <a href="\">Mapbox</a>", "maxZoom": 22 }

(more info in javascript - Use a custom created Mapbox style (from Mapbox Studio) along with Leaflet - Stack Overflow)

I hope this will be helpful to others

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