How to configure how the edit screen loads

I have tried looking and don't know how to exactly word the question so am not getting relevant results on the searches.

When I load the edit screen it has become a default that it has the info option selected.

(See picture)

Screenshot from 2020-12-24 20-32-50

Is there a way to make it the debug option?

try to swap debug on that place. it will work

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by that? As in slide the tabs?

Oh, wow! That works. So is it that the left tab is the default one loaded?

Yeah, ok, doing what you say rearranges the tabs, but it still doesn't set the default one which is shown from a cold boot.

Sorry, problem remains as asked.

We added the ability to reorder the tabs in 1.2.0.

Unfortunately it doesn't ensure the first tab is always the active one. That's something we'll fix in a future release.

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So there is no way (yet) to set which is the tab shown at this stage.

No problem, I was just wondering.

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