How to connect and controll my Landroid mover

Hi there,
a while ago someone shared a nice flow how to connect and controll the Landroid mover, but since the authentication of aws was changed i'm not able anymore to get a connection.

Is there someone who controlls his Landroid mover with nodered?
If so, it would be wonderfull if you can share your flow with me.

I really appreciate youre work here and i'm hopefull to get my Landroid back in my node red controll.

Kind regards,

If this is linked to amazon alexa you could possible use node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2-applestruddle to control it

Hm,.... that sounds good, but i don't have an Echo or so. I was not able to send a command to the Landroid. I'm able to do it from my Phone (so the skill is added to alexa) but not via node red. Seems that the node needs an device to send that command from node red to the landroid :frowning: or did i misunderstand something there?

Then buy a echo dot second or third gen they are less than £25

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