How to control light with analog signal input and no analog output


I am looking for a program solution to control a light.

I use an eltako dimmer EUD12Z UC with SUD12 0-10v eltako to normal 0-10v converter.
When I press the button then the lights go's on. Pressing long then the dimming effect starts. The value of the analog signal is changing.
I will bring this analog signal into Arduino with a voltage divider. Then i will see on what brightness the lights ar shining.
But now the tricky part. How can I regulate this with a fader? In home assistant i can make input_numeric and set value between 0-100. If i set it to 65 brightness i should regulate the light dimmer to 665 analog value (1024/100*65).
How can this be done with node red that it works automaticaly? If it starts from 0 then it should run up and slow down to reach the analog value. When its to far it should go down.

Is this even possible???


You can use a range node to map 0-100 to 0-1024, followed by a change node to floor the value.


I will try that!
I will come back on this topic. For the moment I don't get a 0-10v signal at all... have to solve this first if i won it to work.

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