How to enble project in node-red? (I'm running node-red using docker)

FROM nodered/node-red

COPY settings.js /data/

USER root

RUN chown -R node-red:root /data

USER node-red

RUN npm install --no-fund --no-update-notifier --save node-red-contrib-storage-mongodb

Docker build
docker build -t custom-node-red .

Docker run
docker run -d -p 1881:1880 -e MONGO_URL="MONGODB_URL" -e NODE_RED_ENABLE_PROJECTS=true -e APP_NAME=r1 --name r1 custom-node-red

GET NOT found

Hi @sabir
I see you install node-red-contrib-storage-mongodb - are you trying to use a custom storage plugin as well as the projects feature?

The Projects feature is only available with the built-in local filesystem storage. If you use a custom storage plugin, you cannot use Projects as well.

Okay Thanks,
Actually, I'm trying to build a multi-tenant node-red project
Where I can add my own custom nodes, where each user has there own node-red flows(for that I find out that I have to run new node-red instance for each user) and data will be stored in external database so that I can retrieve each users flow(that's why I have used node-red-contrib-storage-mongodb), I also wanted to add authentication for each users.

Can you please suggest me a way to achieve this??

FlowForge is multi tenanted out of the box & has everything you describe + a lot more. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Let me know if you need any more info (here or via the contact us)

Full disclosure: I work for FlowForge & I may be biased but I think it is amazing

Can we add custom nodes in FlowForge without hosting it on npm??

Custom node catalogues are something that FlowForge may add in the future, but not currently supported.

If you are hosting your own FlowForge instance (as opposed to using FlowForge's hosted instance), assuming you are using the Docker or Kubernetes build, then you can build custom stacks (Docker containers) with none public node's pre-installed in the similar fashion to your first post in this thread.

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