how to extract all my program out of DashBoard

Good evening everyone,

This is my first message and I hope you will not find my quirky question.

I realized my prgoramme with Node-red. Everything is OK.

I would like to know how to extract all my program out of DashBoard
to be able to run it alone in a corner and be able to create a new program in a new DashBoard without relation to the first one

French version:
Bonsoir a Tous,
C'est mon premier message et j 'espère que vous ne trrouverez pa s ma question bizarre.

J' ai réalisé mon programme avec Node-red. Tout est OK.

Je voudrais savoir comment extraire tout mon programme hors du DashBoard
pour pouvoir le faire executer seul dans un coin et pouvoir créer un nouveau programme dans un nouveau DashBoard sans relation avec le premier

Unfortunately, you can only have a single Dashboard for an instance of Node-RED. To do another, you would need to run up another instance of Node-RED on a different port.

You can have multiple interfaces using uibuilder but of course, you would have to start your interface from scratch.

Hi. Sorry I don't read French and I suspect something is lost in your translation.

If you are asking "how do I export my flow so I can import my work into another node red" then the answer is while in node red flow editor, press ctrl+e to export. Copy the data then On your 2nd node red, press ctrl+i to import.