How to get and separate the data from OPC UA

I have downloaded "IIoT" on palette and successfully connected to the OPC UA Server.
I also recovered the data successfully as the Debug window i could see ,
but my Node-Id has three groups. How do I get the data of the value in these three groups?

my .json file as the follow link

When asking for help is is a good idea to provide information aout your platform and software releases and the full names of nay nodes you ae working with. For example

platform: Raspberry Pi 3 model B+
node-red: v.0.20.5
node.js: v10.15.3
dashboard: v2.14.0
using node-red-controb-fs-ops
  1. what do you mean by my Node-Id has three groups?

Also show us what you see in the debug window and explain which data you want to extract.