How to get and store data about usage of Asus router

Dear all,
In my LAN; I am using Asus router along with their Mesh nodes. If I log to the management site of the system, I see all different useful information like: uptime, CPU load, Upload/download speed in general or per particual device. Detailed information are on router stored only for last 24 hours. That is why, I would like to store it on my SQL DB through node-red or even prepare a Dashboard in my Node red. I was checking already and I don't find anything already prepared. Does anyone have any idea how to approach?

Does anyone have any idea how to approach?

This all depends on the device. Which router is it, did you search (google) if the device has an API ?
Perhaps someone already figured it out.

Some people I know use snmp for that. I am not one of them.

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