How to implement the REST API

Hi Guys,
I'm working to build a Zigbee Gateway using the node-red and Rpi3.
I have all those basic nodes done. I have storaged important parameters in the file and memory, and function commands defined.
At this moment I need to implement a REST API that can be hanlding all those things, DB files (JSON) , memory and command in the functions.

Someone can share w/ me the best way to implement a good REST API to my project?
If possible, please, share part of the code an articles necessary to my studies about how to implement it?

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Similar to this?

Do you mean you want node-red to act as a web service providing the API to connected clients?

Hi Colin,
Yes, I want node-red to act as a web service to providing the API, as the server (node-red) to clients!

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This might help:

If you are only serving locally, should work without issue, serving to the internet is a different story.

Isn't zigbee2mqtt not a better solution ?

Hi Krambriw,
It´s too similar, but I´m using another SoC, I really like Texas and CC25xx or CC26xx, but I´m using another SoC from NXP call JN5168. When I using it I got a higher power to implement any integration w/ another end-devices available on the market.

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