How to install lower version dashboard?


I have a github project using node-red. Everything is fine but recently, people start to ask me why the dashboard installation fail. I need to use old version of node-red because of the some other installation. How can install older version of dashboard?


If you really need to do this then go into the .node-red directory and run
npm install node-red-dashboard@a.b.c
where a.b.c is the required version obviously. Then restart node red and clear the cache in any browsers in use.

Exactly what installation problem is being seen?

If I simply install dashboard in the browser

When I tried to install it in npm....


I still cannot see the dashboard after reboot. Thx

The reason the first one has failed is that you are using an old version of nodejs that is no longer supported by the nodejs developers. You should upgrade to at least v12 and preferably v14 or 16.

The second one has installed it, but you have installed it in the wrong directory. You should be in the .node-red folder (as I stated in my first post).

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You ran the install in the wrong directory. You should run it in /home/pi/.node-red

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Yes, it works now. Thx
The folder is /root/.node-red

You should not be running node-red as root unless you have a good reason for that.

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