How to modify an existing flow?

Hi all,
I am using NodeRed within HomeAssistant...

I am using a package "node-red-contrib-solaredge" which allows me to connect to the SolarEdge Monitoring API.

This package / palette does include two commands: "Details" and "Overview"
But the API does allow some more commands to get certain other information.
How could I Update the possible commands "easily" ?

I've forked the origin project on git hub but I do struggle with how I can import this into my NodeRed...

thanks for your help and suggestions and with regards,

If you have forked it on github then you can install your fork by going to your .node-red folder and running
npm install your_git_username/node-red-contrib-solaredge

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Unfortunately, sincec NodeRed is running within HomeAssistant, I can't really use npm... the only way I've found would be an upload as tgz file.. but I am not sure, how exactly I can acheive this...

I've downloaded the fork as tar.gz - but I think, the folder structure isn't correct...

Probably best to ask in an HA forum then. Few here use HA.

Hi, I've managed to install the package now... But since then, I am getting the warning: "type already registered" for the new node.

Do you have any hints for me?


Have you somehow installed the fork without removing the original version?

I thought, I have uninstalled the original package... but it seems, that I have missed some areas where it was in use.

Now, I've got everything working - thanks a lot!

Hello @ChristophCaina, did you used some sort of "structure" for the tgz file, or just "dump" the files in like you have in the listing screenshot?
I am new to this type of "custom install" for Home Assistant (or Node Red in general) and I could not find a download for a "ready" .tgz file.

I am getting an error "module not found".
created the .tgz by running:
"tar -czvf node-red-contrib-solaredge-2.tgz node-red-contrib-solaredge-2/"

Would you be able to shed a light on this please?


the upload as tgz did not work - probably, due to the file structure I had in the Screenshot.

you can use the Homeassistant Configuration to send npm commands to install different contributions:

Use the NodeRED repository list to search for your contribution:

Apply the path to the repository in your HA Configuration... you will find this at: Supervisor / Addons / NodeRed / Configuration

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