How to new flows and access from another username password

I have 1 project then finished one i want to create a new project and new dashboard how can i do it ?

i installed it on Raspi

The dashboard Is single user

is possible to multi user ?

Stop asking the same thing in different posts.

  1. Did you read the Nodes readme before you installed it?

  2. Have you searched the forum to find all the other times this question has been asked?

Do you mean:

  1. you want to stop using the first project and start a different one?
  2. or do you mean want to be able to run the first one or the second but not both at once (so only one running in node red at a time)?
  3. or do you mean you want both to be running at the same time?

I'm so sorry i'm a new here in this forum and i'm a student i want to learn more so if my question make you feel down im so sorry again

No need to apologise, I should've worded my response better, with a "please" :slight_smile:

If you answer Colin's questions I'm sure you will get your answers.

1.i really tell you. im not read that befor install
2.Yes i do im so sorry

i want to make like this one

Since I don't know Blynk I don't know what that implies. Are you asking for one of the three options I suggested? If not then what are you asking for.

Then you will need to build it yourself and not use the dashboard project