How to output separate payload fields to text flows


I am sending a query that selects a max, min, avg, etc, in a database, and I want to send it to text flows separately that will show in the dashboard.

This is the payload data:

And the flow:


you can use one change node in front of every dashboard text node to set the msg.payload to the property of the msg object that you want to display. Just click on the little path icon next to the property in the debug tab to copy the path to that value and use it in the change node to set the payload to that value. I hope this makes sense.

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yes it worked, Thank you Johannes!! @JGKK

About the chart, can you give me some idea on how to do it?

This (which is linked from the chart info tab) shows you the way the data must formatted to feed the chart.

doesn't really help me much...

Ifn your change nodes you can also set each msg.topic to a friendly name. You can then just feed all four into a single chart node as each topic will be plotted as a different colour

Have a look at the node red docs page Working with Messages. That will tell you lots of useful stuff about, oddly enough, working with messages.

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